Society Presenters
The National Society of Leadership and Success brings your students some of the top presenters in the world. Compelling in thought and focused on success, these authors, speakers, and celebrities help you to achieve your goals.
Dr. Stephen Covey
Author of New York Times #1 Bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Bill Press
Former co-host of "Crossfire" on CNN, "The Spin Room" on CNN and "Buchanan and Press" on MSNBC
Goldie Hawn
Actress, Producer, and Philanthropist
Wally Amos
Founder of 'Famous Amos' Cookies.
Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series of books
Patch Adams
Healer, Teacher, Clown and Entertainer. His life story is the subject of the major 1999 motion picture Patch Adams
Robert & Kim Kiyosaki
Authors of Rich Woman and #1 Personal Finance Book of all Time Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Tony Hsieh
CEO of! and Author of Delivering Happiness
Nigel Barker
TV Celebrity, Author, Philanthropist
Alton Brown
Bestselling Author and Host of Good Eats and The Next Iron Chef America
Harvey MacKay
Author of New York Times #1 Bestseller Swim with the Sharks: Without Being Eaten Alive
Les Brown
Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Television Personality and Author of Live Your Dreams
Jim Kouzes
Leadership Scholar and Co-author of bestselling book The Leadership Challenge
David Bach
New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish Rich and Automatic Millionaire Series
Lou Holtz
ESPN analyst, Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Renowned former Football Coach of Notre Dame
Joe Martin
Best Lecturer of the Year APCA
Gary Tuerack
Founder of The National Society of Leadership and Success
Mel Robbins
Talk Radio and TV personality, Host of A & E's Monster In-Laws and Author of Stop Saying Your Fine
Kevin Carroll
Speaker, Consultant and Bestselling Author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball
Linda Papadopoulos
Renowned British Psychologist and Author of What Men Say, What Women Hear
Al Duncan
Motivational Speaker and Author of My Success Journal for Young People and Get All Fired Up!
Alexis Jones
Celebrity Speaker, TV Host, and Social Entrepreneur
Patrick Combs
Best Lecturer of the Year NACA Nominee
Josh Linkner
Founder of ePrize, Technology Entrepreneur, New York Times Bestselling Author Disciplined Dreaming
Dr. Bertice Berry
Sociologist, Educator, Lecturer, Comedian and Author of I'm On My Way, But Your Foot Is On My Head
Tom Krieglstein
Renowned Speaker, Social Media Expert, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Swift Kick and
Shawn Harper
Former NFL Football Player, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach
Marlon Smith
Presented in 45 states & 10 Different Countries, Including Fortune 500 Companies
Dianna Booher
Best Lecturer of the Year NACA Nominee
Nancy Hunter Denney
Renowned Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Educator and Author of Zing!
Jake Steinfeld
Actor and Fitness Personality
Dion Jordan
Award winning Motivational Speaker and Author of All That it Takes is All That You've Got and All That You Got is All That it Takes
Marc Kielburger
Humanitarian, Author and Co-Founder of Free the Children and Me to We
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Bestselling Author of How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself
Mark Lundholm
Renowned Comedian and Motivational Speaker
Tami Coleman
Trained by Al Gore as a Speaker for The Climate Project
Christine Comaford-Lynch
Entrepreneur, Corporate Consultant and New York Times bestselling author of Rules for Renegades
Janet Attwood
New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of The Passion Test
Ben & Rosamund Zander
Co-Authors of The New York Times bestseller The Art of Possibility Transforming Professional and Personal Life
Srikumar Rao
Professor at Columbia University, Speaker and International Bestselling Author of Are You Ready to Succeed
Connie Podesta
Motivational Speaker and Master of Ceremonies for more than 25 years and 2 million people
Keith Ferrazzi
# 1 New York Times bestseller Who's Got Your Back and Bestselling Author of Never Eat Alone
Deanna Latson
Award-winning speaker on health, wellness and nutrition
Paul Orfalea
Founder of Kinko's, Business Leader and Philanthropist
Randy Haveson
Consultant and Renowned Speaker on Overcoming Drug Addiction
Dan Millman
American author and lecturer in the self-help field.
Jonathan Sprinkles
Three-time honoree of the Top 10 Most Upstanding Men Alive award
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Pediatric Surgeon, Radio and TV Personality and Bestselling Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles
John Crudele
Delivered over 3,700 Programs to Over a Million Students and Faculty
Mohamed Fathelbab
Entrepreneur and Author of Forum
Terry Paulson
Best Lecturer of the Year NACA Nominee
Johnnie Tuitel
Consistent Standing Ovations at NACA